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Higher Committee

The Higher Committee was established under the Provisions of Article 11 of Law No.7/2008 and Decree No. 145/2008. Chaired by the Minister of Finance, it is the committee responsible for studying and approving PPP projects and tendering them pursuant to Law No.7/2008. As such, no public entity may enter into a PPP contract without the approval of the Higher Committee.

Higher Committee Members
The members of the Committee are:
  • Minister of Finance (Chairman)
  • Minister of Municipality
  • Minister of Public Works
  • Minister of Commerce and Industry
  • KAPP Director General
  • Undersecretary of Ministry of Electricity and Water
  • Director General of the Environment Public Authority
  • 3 experienced specialists

  • Higher Committee’s Role
    The Higher Committee is in charge of the following:
    • Providing final approval to Public Entities to enter into PPP contracts
    • Approving project concepts and Unsolicited Proposals before they are advertised and tendered
    • Developing general policies for projects and Unsolicited Proposals of strategic importance to the national economy
    • Selecting the relevant public entities that will partake in the tendering process and the signing of the PPP contract
    • Determining and supervising the public entities that monitor PPP projects implementation and operation

    KAPP and the Higher Committee
    KAPP acts as a technical supporting panel to the Higher Committee. KAPP studies proposed projects and Unsolicited Proposals and provides the Higher Committee with conclusions and recommendations for their consideration.

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