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Consistent with its ambitious PPP program, the Government of Kuwait has established a clear regulatory framework for implementing PPP projects. Constituting a reference point for all stakeholders, the laws and regulations establishes high levels of transparency and certainty throughout the PPP process – both key to the success of a PPP program. The framework includes general laws and regulations as well as other relevant laws.

New PPP Law (Law No. 116/2014) and its Executive Regulations
The new PPP Law (Law No. 116/2014) and its Executive Regulations (Decree No. 78/2015) replace Law No. 7/2008 and its Executive Regulations (Decree No. 256/2008). The new PPP Law strengthens and enables the institutional framework for PPPs in Kuwait and broadens the benefits of PPP projects. It defines the mandate of the Higher Committee for PPP Projects, establishes the Kuwait Authority for Partnership Projects (KAPP) and defines its mandate and responsibilities.

Old PPP Law (Law No. 7/2008) and its Executive Regulations
The PPP Law (Law No. 7/2008) and its Executive Regulations (Decree No. 256/2008) set the governance framework for Kuwait’s PPP program. It defines the roles of the Council of Ministers, the Higher Committee, the Kuwait Authority for Partnership Projects (KAPP) and the relevant Public Entities and clearly stipulates private investors’ rights and obligations.

I(W)PP Law (Law No. 39/2010)
I(W)PP Law (Law No. 39/2010) Promulgating the Incorporation of Kuwaiti Joint Stock Companies to Undertake the Building and Execution of Electricity Power and Water Desalination Stations in Kuwait.
The I(W)PP Law (Law No. 39/2010) sets specific requirements with respect to building and implementing electric power stations and water desalination plants in Kuwait as part of a PPP. Any project company undertaking a project that falls within the scope of the I (W) PP law will be subject to its provisions. In case of any conflict with another law, including PPP law, IWPP law will take precedence.


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