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The Government of Kuwait has embarked on a Public Private Partnership program aimed at providing quality infrastructure and services to Kuwaiti citizens. Execution of such an ambitious program requires appropriate advisory support to facilitate implementation of PPP transactions. Towards that KAPP seeks to recruit the most competent Transaction Advisors who can cost-effectively complete the financial, technical, and legal work leading to the successful signing of a PPP contract. KAPP employs a competitive bidding process to procure transaction advisory services.

Procurement Process
The KAPP Guidebook provides detailed guidelines for transaction advisors pertaining to the procurement of TAs. The information covers:
  • Terms of Reference (refer to section II.1.4.1 of the Guidebook)
  • Guidelines for transaction advisors on submitting the initial and final bids (refer to sections II.1.4.2 and II.1.4.4)
  • Bid evaluation process (refer to sections II.1.4.3, II.1.4.6, of the Guidebook)
  • Finalizing terms of agreement and appointment of the transaction advisor (refer to section II.1.4.7 of the Guidebook)
Available Procurement Opportunities
  • No Available Procurement Opportunities at Present


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